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FAQ - How long does the application of eyelash extensions take?

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- Eyelash Extension Facts

How long does the application of eyelash extensions take?

The procedure will take approximately 2-2.25 hours for a full set of eyelash extensions. A full set consists of both eyes, top eyelashes only. A fill takes approximately 1-1.25 hours. Taking this long for a full set is one aspect that sets Wink apart in the industry, as we take the necessary time to ensure that each of your own natural eyelashes has an extension placed on it to give you the length and thickness desired. There are more than 100 eyelash extensions used per eye when receiving the full set. Our top artist has over 5 years of experience, and still a full set of eyelash extensions can rarely be done in less than 2 hours. Beware of salons that claim that they can do a full set in less than 2 hours because by not allowing enough time to properly apply the eyelash extensions the result will not be as you desired with the eyelashes looking sparse and not being long-lasting. During the service you relax with your eyes closed and there is no pain involved, as this is a non-invasive procedure and often times clients are so relaxed they fall asleep.